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Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are one of the essential gate accessories which you will wonder how you ever did without. We sell three main types, all shipped for free and complete with full fitting instructions. The cordless design of all our intercom system eliminates the need to lay a length of cable from the gate to your home, making these incredibly straight-forward to fit to your electric gates.

Cordless audio intercoms offer the essential functions that any intercom system needs to provide. They allow you to hold a two way conversation with anyone waiting at your gates, and they allow you to open the gates from the receiver.

GSM intercom systems and video intercom systems offer more sophisticated arrangements. Video intercoms, as the name suggests, allow you to see your visitor as well as talk to them. Alternatively, GSM intercom systems have the unique advantage that they communicate via the mobile phone network, giving you the ability to answer your intercom system from absolutely anywhere. If nobody answers the first number the intercom system will try up to five other phone numbers.

Our Electric Gate Opener Intercom Systems