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Specialists in replacement gate
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Beninca Brainy 24V PCB Board and Casing

Beninca Brainy 24V PCB Board and Casing
Excl. Tax: £145.83 Incl. Tax: £175.00

This control panel is for one or two motor gates with built-in 433.92 radio receiver

Operating Voltage: 23v

PLEASE NOTE: This PCB board comes in its original casing. 


Manufacturers Warranty!

Except for all rights originating from the legal warranty for the final user, in compliance with regulations in force, AUTOMATISMI BENINCÀ SpA ensures the conventional 30 months warranty from the installation date. The Warranty is only valid if this warranty certificate is completed in full by the buyer and handed over when a claim is made, accompanied by valid proof of purchase (either receipt or invoice). If no proof of purchase is provided, AUTOMATISMI BENINCÀ SpA reserves the right to set the effective date from the production’s date. The guarantee only covers the repair or free replacement of the parts accepted by AUTOMATISMI BENINCÀ SpA as being faulty due to poor quality materials or manufacturing defects. This Warranty does not cover costs and risks associated with the transportation of the product to the service centre laboratory, or vice-versa. Any complaints will not, under any circumstances, give the Buyer the right to cancel or reduce the order, nor will it oblige AUTOMATISMI BENINCÀ SpA to pay compensation for damages of any kind. The guarantee loses its validity if the goods, returned as faulty, have been tampered with, repaired or defects arising from the influence of external agents, incorrect maintenance, overloading, normal wear and tear, erroneous choice of model, incorrect installation or any other factor not attributable to AUTOMATISMI BENINCÀ SpA. AUTOMATISMI BENINCÀ SpA is only responsible for damages, caused by any accidents resulting from faulty products, required by Italian Law. In case of faulty accessories, put in the coupon the registration number of the motoreductor.

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